Giving Thanks

Oftentimes we associate the month of November with yummy food, family and friends, and cooler weather, just to name a few. While these are all lovely things, this year we want to focus on November being the month of GIVING! We’d like to start by expressing our gratitude for the people who make our job possible – YOU!

Our Texas Tiny Teeth team also wants to take this opportunity to teach – or remind – kids about the virtue of gratitude and showing appreciation for everything life has to offer. To embrace our month of GIVING, we have a fun Thanksgiving craft for you and your family to make together! This adorable “Thankful Turkey” craft is a great way for kids to discuss what they’re most thankful for, opening up a larger conversation about gratitude!

Thankful Turkey Craft

Project Supplies You’ll Need:

• Colorful construction paper or cardstock
• Google eyes
• Black Marker
• Scissors
• Glue


1. Start by tracing, then cutting out:
– The shape of your turkey’s body (can be whatever shape your child wants)
– Eight leaves in various colors
– Your turkey’s two feet
– Your turkey’s beak & wattle
2. Glue the leaves on the back of your turkey’s body.
3. Glue the beak and the wattle to your turkey’s face along with two googly eyes.
4. Finally, glue the two feet to the bottom of your turkey!

Ask your child what they are thankful for – people, objects, ideas, etc. – and have them write each thing on the turkey’s feathers. Have a conversation about gratitude!

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