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Despite your best efforts, your child can still fall victim to cavities, gum disease, and painful dental injuries over time. Our team is here to help in these troubling situations, and our doctors have the advanced education and experience needed to successfully revitalize little smiles so that your son or daughter can get back to playing and giggling ASAP.

Gum Disease

Periodontal disease (more commonly known as gum disease) is a very common oral health problem that can affect children and adults alike. Because your child is still learning how to brush and floss properly, they may require periodontal therapy to reduce inflammation and banish infectious bacteria.


Tooth-colored fillings are also available for those pesky cavities that are sadly all-too-common among younger patients. Our team will always emphasize the power of preventive care and oral hygiene at each checkup to both parents and kids so that these issues can be stopped in their tracks early on.

One Visit Restorations

When faced with cases of significant tooth damage or large areas of decay, a filling might not be the best method of treatment. In these cases, Our doctors are likely to recommend a personalized dental crown or other restoration that can successfully cover the tooth and rebuild its strength and function. We use lifelike, high-quality materials so that your child’s smile stays naturally beautiful and confident!


Our doctors will always do whatever they can to maintain your child’s natural “adult” teeth, but sometimes, extraction becomes a requirement for better oral and overall health. If your kid is faced with a severe injury, impacted wisdom teeth, or the need for orthodontic corrections, we’ll be sure to help them stay calm and comfortable throughout the removal process. Baby teeth may also need to be extracted to make way for their permanent counterparts! Either way, we make extractions as pain-free and quick for your child as possible.

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